3rd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships 2019

 https://www.fai.org/news/multiple-gold-medals-usa-and-france-2019-fai-world-indoor-skydiving-championships?type=node&id=24479      Photos of medal winners includes a nice pic of Australian competitor Amy Watson who won gold in the Artistic Events – Solo Freestyle  (Junior) event after seven rounds of intense action. 

Well done by ALL competitors from ASIANIA member countries -  Australia, China, Singapore, Qatar - who represented in the various events.


Full results are available on : http://bit.ly/indoor2019results

Top 3 placings results in each event:

ASIANIA countries in Red

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Open
1st:     Belgium
2nd:    France
3rd:     USA       4th Qatar

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Female
1st:    France
2nd:   United Kingdom
3rd:    USA     5th China

Formation Skydiving 4-Way Junior
1st:     Czech Republic
2nd:    France
3rd:     Russia

Formation Skydiving VFS 4-Way
1st:    USA
2nd:   Russia
3rd:    Italy

Indoor Skydiving Dynamic 2-way
1st:     USA 1
2nd:    United Kingdom
3rd:     France 2    Singapore 5th    China 22nd

Indoor Skydiving Dynamic 4-way
1st:     France
2nd:    Czech Republic
3rd:     Spain

Artistic Events - Freestyle Open
1st:     Germany
2nd:    Singapore
3rd:     Norway    China 15th

Artistic Events - Freestyle Junior
1st:    Australia
2nd:   Canada 2
3rd:    USA

Challenge Formation Skydiving 8-way
1st:    USA
2nd:  France
3rd:   Russia