Please find the final results of the Formation Skydiving and Canopy Formations events. 

Thankyou most sincerely to all of the teams that participated this year.  Your competitive spirit and support is most appreciated.  We hope it has been a worthwhile competition experience for all teams. 
Congratulations to every team – your participation and performances were certainly most valued and appreciated. Without your support there would be no competition.
Thankyou to all of the FAI FS and CF judges from Australia, Bahrain, France and India who worked on the various judging panels.  Your good judging and support is most appreciated.
4-way Formation Skydiving  Open: 
Equal first place            Japan     Team“XPower”          36 points total for three rounds          
Equal first place            Oman     Team “RAFO”            36 points total for three rounds           
2-way Canopy Formations Sequential:
1st place    Qatar       Team “Dark Wolves”                  59 points total  for three rounds
2nd place   Australia Team “Damaged Goods”            11 points total for three rounds
4-way Canopy Formations Sequential:
1st place    Qatar     Team “Grey Wolves”                    38 points total for three rounds
4-way Canopy Formations Rotations:
1st place    Qatar     Team “Wolves”                             62  points total for three rounds
Entries were down on previous years for varying reasons.  ASIANIA  will look forward to many more teams participating again in 2017.
ASIANIA will award  medals to  the 2016 team members in appreciation and recognition of their efforts and support for this annual video competition.
All ASIANIA teams are encouraged to participate in the 14th ASIANIA EMAX VIDEO COMPETITION 2017 – details will be forthcoming shortly.
Refer to the ASIANIA website for information regarding all 2017 activities.
Thank you again and safe jumping always,    Faye Cox...







2016 Information:

Bulletin 2 plus 4-way CF Sequential information here....


Registration Forms here:



Bulletin 1


4-way FS     2-way CF Sequential    4-way CF Rotations

14 MAY TO 8 OCTOBER 2016

- plenty of time to make the 3 competition jumps - practice as many times as you need to, then submit your best result.

- Use your preferred jump aircraft and make the jumps at your favourite Drop Zone

- NO Entry Fee

BULLETIN 1: Full details and Registration Forms are available in Bulletin 1.  

Click on link:   /ckfinder/userfiles/files/asiania_EMAX_%20COMP_2016_BULLETIN%201(1).pdf

4-way FS Dives:  

Click on link:   /ckfinder/userfiles/files/13th_ASIANIA_EMAX_ROUNDS_1_2_3_FS_DIVES_2016.pdf

2-way CF Dives:

 Click on link:   /ckfinder/userfiles/files/13th_ASIANIA_EMAX_ROUNDS_1_2_3_2CF_DIVES.pdf



All other national and FAI judges are welcome to participate for practice and expereince:  

This is a good chance to receive a judging critique - see Bulletin 1


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