1st Myanmar Judge Training Course

for Formation Skydiving and Accuracy Landings.

10-16 June 2018   Yangong, Myanmar

Successfully conducted with 18 candidates from Myanmar.



group photo

As a supporting activity for ASIANIA members, ASIANIA FAI judges Yaser Mohsen and David Chang Il Choi conducted the inaugural Myanmar Judge Training Course at Yangon, Myanmar from the 10 - 16 June 2018. 

As the official Training Judges Yaser and David  introduced the new judge candidates to the disciplines of Formation  Skydiving (Yaser) and Accuracy Landings (David Chang Il).   

The Myanmar Parachute Federation is the most recent member of ASIANIA and currently in the process of joining the FAI.  Mynamar is hosting this inaugural Judge Training Course as part of its ongoing development of the sport. 

ASIANIA congratlates all Myanmar judge candidates on their success in pasing the courses and encourages them to continue towards developing their new judging skills in pursuit of greater expereince to become future FAI Judges.