ASIANIA SAFETY DAY 2017  IS SUNDAY 8th  APRIL -  An annual ASIANIA Safety Day was idea of  President Mubarak al Swailim in 2012 who was President of ASIANIA from 2008 until this year when his thrid term was reached. His legacy will stay on and hopefully encourage continued safety in our sport to be a great priority.. 
WE CAN ALL WORK TOWARDS MAKING OUR SPORT SAFER EVERY DAY BY BEING VIGILANT WITH OUR SAFETY OBSERVATIONS IN ALL AREAS – on the ground, getting into the aircraft,  on the way to height, exits, freefall, parachute decent, landing,  packing, maintenance and care.
Very useful Information and statistics within the world’s parachuting is complied by the FAI IPC Technical and Safety Committee each year. 
I will attach the latest FAI IPC TECHNICAL AND SAFETY REPORT for your information. It is very comprehensive and requires time to thoroughly read through and absorb all of the important information.  
Unfortunately there are many countries that are not yet participating and providing national Safety Reports to the IPC Technical and Safety Committee for compilation of information each year.
It is important to the thoroughness and usefulness of this document that every organisation in the world (and that includes all of us in ASIANIA) makes an effort to  provide a record of notable incidents and fatalities each year. Did your country send a Safety Report this year?
Does your organisation have a designated national Safety Officer?  Technical Officer? 
Do all of your Drop Zones have local area Safety Officers who send in Incident reports to this national person so that a record of all incidents that happen can be complied and forwarded to the FAI IPC Technical and Safety Committee each year. Persons or Drop Zones in these reports are anonymous and all information is important.
If assistance in developing a Safety Officer  or manual is needed, please advise us, and you will be directed to personnel and organisations that can provide support in these areas.
Safety Reports can highlight incidents or trends that may be causing a problem or that could become a problem
An important issue that has recently been reported is the hydrolyze phenomena of the Cordura fabric used for the reserve container which can cause problems in extreme conditions of temperature and humidity.  It has been noted that at the early stages of degradation/deterioration the material may appear like ‘glowing silk’.  The next step is that the material may be ‘slightly sticky’ and finally it may be ‘very sticky’. Tackiness or Stickiness with parachute containers may cause SLOW or NO pack opening and this is a highly dangerous situation.  Heat and humidity can cause this problem, so please check your equipment regardless of the type of material used – it could happen to you.
All harness/containers, single and dual, should be carefully inspected for signs of deterioration of the fabric.

Close examination by a Rigger, especially when repacking a reserve, may identify the degradation process at an early stage.

It is essential to ensure that all equipment being used is airworthy and is stored in a proper and suitable environment.
PLAN A SAFETY DAY FOR THE 8th APRIL.  Make every jump safe and enjoyable.  Have a Safety Seminar at your drop zone – include jumpers, pilots and everyone involved in running the Drop Zone – and discuss how we can all make this sport safer.  Share this information with everyone in ASIANIA .
Thank you on behalf of ASIANIA  and everyone who cares about safety in our sport.
Keep jumping safe and enjoyable.
Faye Cox, ASIANIA Secretary General