Brief History of ASIANIA (Asiania Parachute Federation):  This document covers ASIANIA's history from its formation in 1994 to 2016.


ASIANIA parachuting activities  experienced some minor confusion with the formation of the Asian Air Sports Federation (AASF) early in 2016.  Many countries assumed AASF was ASIANIA renamed, which is incorrect.

AASF is a completely separate organisation concerned with all  aviation sports and approved by the Olympic Council of Asia. .

ASIANIA members unanimously voted at its AGM in 2015 to remain as a world reknown, respected international parachuting entity affiliated with the FAI and will maitain this status.  

ASIANIA 2016 has been relatively quiet due to support for the conduct of the FAI World Parachuting events.  

ASIANIA congratulates all of the competitors, judges and officals who attended the FAI World Mondiale at Chicago, USA and the 1st FAI World Cup in Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying at Zephyr Hills, Florida, USA .

Asiania Member countries placing in the top three for their event:  /ckfinder/userfiles/files/2016%20WORLD%20MONDIALE.pdf

The 18th ASIANIA Championships planned for 2016 was moved to 2017.                                                    

At this point in time, the decision for the host and venue for this very important parachuting event has not been finalised.  There are two considerations:

Indonesia at Boyolali City near Solo in July 2017. and  Saudi Arabia  at Jeddah in November 2017.

Full details will be forthcoming by emaill and on this website as soon as the final decision is made.

13th ASIANIA "EMAX" Competition entries for FS and CF will be judged online by the selected FAI Judging panels  in December 2016, with results published very soon thereafter. 

The 21st ASIANIA Annual General Meeting will be conducted in 2017 at Boyolali City or Jeddah - to be advised. Elections will be conducted for President., 5 Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Development Officer and Arab Liason Officer.  All organisations are encouraged to select and propose personnel for these important positions. There will also be new  positions for Chairperson of Judges, Chairperson of Competitions related committees