The 17th ASIANIA PARACHUTING CHAMPIONSHIPS AND CHINA INTERNATIONAL OPEN 2015 were successfully completed on the 14th September.

China Aero Sports Federation (ASFC) and Taiyuan Air Sports Centre hosted  the 17th Asiania Parachuting Championships & China International Open.  This was the first  airsport event held at this newly purpose built  Taiyuan airsports facility.  A wind tunnel is on order to complete the jumping facilities. The centre will cater to Chinese and international trainees for all aviation sports, providing  full time training and on site accommodation. With a 1.8 km airstrip and Cessna Caravan, Y12 (Twin Otter) and PTCH6 (Pilatus Porter) the events were able to be carried out each day. Perfect weather on all days excepting days two and three enabled the events for Accuracy, Style, 2-way CF and 4- way CF to be fully completed. 4-way FS completed 7 rounds.

Judging facilities were excellent and carried out in three large rooms at the hangar.  Two InTime sytems were in operation for FS and CF, with one primarlly used for the FAI Judge Training Course being conducted during the competition. The third room was used for the Style judging.  A fourth room was the administration area with additional computer, printer and photocopy facilities.

The Men’s Individual Accuracy Asiania record was broken when Zhou Pingya from  China scored five (5) consecutive dead centres (00).

The Asiania Canopy Formation record for 2-way Sequential record was broken by the Qatar 2-way team with 23 points on one jump.

The Qatar 4-way Rotations team  broke the Asiania 4-way Canopy Formations Rotations record with 20 points on one jump.

The Qatar 4-way CF Sequential  team attended as a display event creating an inaugural Asiania Performance record of 11 points on one jump.  Consideration will be made to introduce this event into the competition schedule for the 18th Asiania Parachuting Championships in 2016.

Accommodation was very good and the restaurant provided healthy Chinese style food which was generally enjoyed by everyone.  A large hangar provided the teams with packing areas and a  “tent” partitioned for each team.  Generally facilities were very good.  The large public screen allowed competitors to view their FS, CF jumps  and scores which were judged using the InTime Judging sytem. All daily jump activities were continuously displayed on the screen .

Unfortunately there were two days of solid rain which made the newly formed landing areas, which were not yet grassed, muddy and not good to land on.  So the teams elected to land on the tarmac area and the competition proceeded without any problems. The accuracy tuffet was mounted  on a 20 m pea gravel area and did not suffer any inconvenience.

The 4-way CF Rotations team from Egypt experienced a malfunction on two consecutive rounds,  resulting in the loss of a canopy. Some days later a new canopy arrived and the team was able to carry out round 7 but elected to take a zero for round 8.

Women’s Individual accuracy provided great excitement when three chinese competitors tied for 1st place. On tie break number one,  third place was confirmed.  But it required another four tie break jumps before 1st and 2nd places were finally decided.

Men’s Individual Accuracy also required a tie break jump for 1st place.

Awards were made in the comfort of the airport terminal. In the evening music, dancing, team songs and an very well presented video of daily activities during the championships provided the jumpers, Chinese volunteers and other participants with an enjoyable final evening.

As usual teams departed fairly quickly and on the 15th september the Taiyuan Air Sports Centre was virtually deserted by jumpers. When the grass has been estabilished and the wind tunnel is in place it will be a perfect venue for a future world parachuting championships or other internaitonal event.

Thanks to the Aero Sports of China (ASFC) and the Taiyuan Air Sports Centre for enabling this event to be successfully completed and enjoyed by everyone.



Mens Team Accuracy

Mens Individual Accuracy

Womens Team Accuracy

Womens Individual Accuracy


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