18th to 23rd September 2018


18th September:  DAY ONE

The18th September saw all the teams and delegations  arriving to Chongqing, China to participate at the first ASIANIA Indoor Skydiving Championships/China International Open  being hosted and conducted by the ASFC (Aero Sports Federation of China) and Jihua Park iFLY.  The 2 day Judge Conference commenced.

19th September: DAY TWO

The Opening Ceremony was carried out with delegations and teams from China, France, Hungary,  Indonesia, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, UAE marching proudly under their country’s flag.

Judges from Australia, Bahrain, China, France, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, .Palestine, Poland, South Africa and United Kingdom looked smart in their Judge Uniform.

Speed tests were carried out for all teams and competitors.  The two day Judge Conference was concluded.

The Technical Briefing and the Draw was conducted for the various events. 


All events 4-way FS, 2-way FS, 2-way Dynamic,  Artistic (Solo Freetyle) were carried out and many of the performances were simply amazing.  The very young Juniors drew special crowd applause as they carried out such excellent performances for such young and some tiny people.

The Judges were kept busy all day, every day, with a hard task of keeping pace with the fast moving programme..

Indoor Skydiving – where the whole competition programme is scheduled to the last minute.

This type of event is so different from Outdoor Skydiving and Parachuting events where the weather dictates the daily programme.

At the end of DAY 1  everyone headed back to the Hotel and resort, a most  unusual place – a replica of “old Chongqing town” but only built in the last few years  to depict the era of the original place.  The food from the Sichuan area of China is very interesting and enjoyed by everyone. Just 5 minutes by bus from the hotel and a 15 minute walk  to the competition site, so, many particiants chose to enjoy the short walk..

iFLY Jihua Park is a magnificent world class complex with TWO WIND TUNNELS  plus Wave Surfing, Climbing, Snow skiing, and many other fun sporting and games.

21st September – Day 2 of the Competition

Another excellent day of competition. All events are being conducted – the judges are busy working hard  to keep up with the challenging pace.

22nd September – Day 3  LAST DAY

Competition ended today at 12.00 midday.  Judges were really busy finalising the judging, the scores and final placings – Checking and rechecking to ensure all results were correct.  There were no protests..

The Awards and Closing ceremony were carried out at Jihua Park – pictures are to follow in next few days -.All of the participants very happy to be a part of this first ASIANIA Indoor Skydiving Championships. and China International Open conducted at Jihua Park, Chongqing, China.

Following the Awards and Closing ceremony, all of the teams, judges and organisers  headed back to the hotel to get ready for the final night at Chongqing – the Farewell Banquet – as usual the local Sichuan food was enjoyed by all and many drinks and celebratory ‘cheers” and  “campeis” were celebrated between all of the teams. A great end to a really successful event.

Congratulations to the Organisers for their hard work and preparations and the sponsors for  for their great support and efforts to make this event possible and successful.. A special Thankyou to the judges and support groups, who worked so hard each day, the Jihua Park staff, and the many volunteers from the Sichuan University.  A truly wonderful support and effort by everyone involved with this wonderful event.
ASIANIA will look forward to seeing all of you next time.


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